Friday, 17 June 2011

Lieutenant Wales wants to go back to Afghanistan

Last year Prince Harry expressed his want to go back to Afghanistan and today the talk has once again found it's way into the media. (see above)

Prince Harry has just completed a 10 month training course teaching him how to fly gunships with a value around $70 million (AUS dollars). He will continue combat training this year in Suffolk and is likely to be assigned to a squadron and sent back to Afghanistan early 2012.

Obviously there are many dangers for the 26 year old Prince as the Taliban view him as a much wanted target.

Spokespeople for the Taliban have release statements at the news, stating that Prince Harry will be shown no mercy if captured on enemy soil. (UK Telegraph).

In 2008 Harry was deployed to Afghanistan but only 10 weeks later was forced to return to Britain when his presence was leaked.

Again this time Prince Harry will be given a secret identity and the confidentiality of his missions will be of the highest importance. This coupled with an intense training scheme for the Prince will hopefully ensure a successful deployment. More here. (Daily Mirror)

Both William and Harry's commitment to the forces show Prince's passionate about defending both their country and the Commonwealth. They should be both commended and supported.

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