Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Trash or Treasure

In my musings today, I came across the Catherine Doll Collection by the Franklin Mint.
Whilst I am quite tempted to buy one of the dolls for my own slightly obsessive Royal Collection it prompted me to have a bit of a scour.
The Royal Wedding really did take the world by storm there is a vast array of collectables out there.
Personally I think the general rule is stay official, though you'll spend more, it's better quality and more collectable.
Sites like the Royal MInt and The Royal Collection are always grand.
Never the less here are some of the weird and wacky items you can buy....

Playing cards bringing a new meaning to the getting a 'royal flush'...
 That's a crafty idea, a dress up book. 
Those teddy lovers need their fix...
And we can't forget the little ones....
Gen Y wants in on the action.... 
 And the icing on the cake my personal favourite! 
Love to hear of others you have come across in your musings, give me a bell.

Of a Royal Nature xx

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