Tuesday, 14 June 2011

You're a Trooper

What a weekend it has been.

For the Queen's Birthday weekend is the time of year where I long to be in London the most. The tradition and pagentry that accompanies the Trooping the Colour parade for the Queens (official) Birthday is none other than a marvel!

 This is one of the Queen's most enjoyable celebrations, her love for horses is clear as she inspects the troops on their steads, she also has been known to tap along to the tunes from the band (this year being no exception).

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended of course, this was their first state occasion as a married couple! The Duke wore his scarlet tunic to that worn on his wedding day in April, marking his recent appointment as Colonel of the Irish Guards and the Duchess wore an elegant double breasted ivory jacket and dress. The two of them seemed very natural together and on a few occasions Prince seemed to give his bride a case of the giggles.

It is nice to see the new Duchess so natural and engaging with the other members of the Royal Family.

Large crowds flocked to the palace for the viewing  of the Royal Family on the balcony. No matter what any Brits tell you, they all love a good balcony moment with the Royals, what's not to love!

Of a Royal Nature xx

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